Thursday, November 14, 2013

Stress and Drama

We've been going through quite a lot of stuff over here lately. Within just a short amount of time we have lost a loved one and we've had to temporarily relocate. It seems that every time the weather turns cold, life gets a little bit chaotic for us...

On Sunday, Michael's grandfather passed away. It was somewhat unexpected and made a little more difficult because he lived in Poland and we are unable to make the funeral. I am so glad that we made the trip to Poland this summer and Alexa was able to meet her great grandfather before he passed. I'm also glad my husband was able to spend some quality time with his grandpa this summer. 

At the end of last week, we found a water leak in our pantry room that is so bad that black and orange mold has formed. It's not our fault, (I'm not that gross!) a valve connected to the main water pipe that runs through the entire apartment building broke and the apartment above us, and I think the two below us as well, have been affected. The wet walls are pushing into our bathroom shower stall and have started pushing the tiles out of the shower...basically our apartment is mold spore central. We've moved to my in-law's for the time being because it is a serious health risk for anyone to be exposed to so many mold spores, let alone an infant. To push us out of the apartment just a little faster, my husband is also allergic to mold. Just great. I'm so thankful that Michael's parents have room for us at the house. I'm not sure what we would do otherwise.

With all that is going on, I am just so thankful that we have some family close by. We are able to spend time together, even when we get on each others nerves, and Alexa has lots of people to love on her.

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