Sunday, May 25, 2014

Toddler Tantrums

Okay, I need advice, help, duct tape...something! Alexa has started with temper tantrums. She flails her head back and acts like a complete and total lunatic any time she does not want to do what I want her to do. Two perfect examples: getting in the stroller or sitting in her highchair. She does flip out a little bit if I tell her no, but those whine fests are very short lived. She has also started hitting and kicking. Right now she is only doing it to me, but it has got to stop. Anytime I try to change her diaper she goes totally crazy. A few people have suggested I completely ignore her when she throws a tantrum, tries to hit me or kicks me. I have tried this (and will continue trying it) since Tuesday. So far, the results have been good. Tuesday night, as soon as she started with throwing her head back and flailing about I put her down and turned my back on her. She carried on for a maximum of five seconds and then got bored and walked into the living room and played with her toys nicely. This is awesome! I was very pleased. She really hasn't thrown too many more fits since Tuesday night. She does NOT like to be ignored. However, she has continued to kick and hit me when I try and change her diaper. Wednesday morning I employed the "ignore her" tactic, but what I realized is that I still got kicked and she didn't get her diaper changed...that is not exactly the outcome I was looking for. I ended up holding her down with one of my legs (gently) as I changed her diaper on my bed. This was absolutely not ideal. She is a strong little bugger and can easily get away from me if she wants to. Without a second set of hands, I used my leg. Mother of the year? Probably not. I have tried saying "no hitting/no kicking," "that hurts mommy," "do nice," but none of it is working. I need some other tips or tricks or solutions or whatever you want to call them to try and get rid of the hitting and kicking spells. I have tried time out, but I'm not really sure if it is working. She is staying in where I put her - sitting in the corner, crying most of the time (I leave her there for 30 seconds max.) and gives me a big hug when I tell her she can get up, but she is still repeatedly hitting and kicking me. What else can I try???

Okay, mommy vent over. Thanks in advance for any help.

Does your toddler throw tantrums? How do you handle them?

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