Friday, May 9, 2014

My Mommy's Here!!

I cannot wait for 10:55am to arrive! That's when my mom's plane is landing in Linz! I'm so excited that she's finally going to be here. We have been counting down the days since April 30th! I have lots of fun things planned for her visit. We will be going to Jesolo and Venice, Italy for a few days next week. I have a day trip planned to the discovery museum in Vienna. I think Alexa will have a blast there and after the museum I'll be able to show Vienna to my mom. We might even venture into Germany for a day trip. This visit is going to be much different than her first European experience. She claims that it was lots of fun because she got to spend every minute with Alexa, but this time she's going to see some of Europe while she's here and not just the inside of my apartment and the grocery store down the street!!

Momma's Europe vacation begins NOW!!

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