Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Kids Concert

Last Wednesday, I took Alexa to her very first concert! It was at the Familienzentrum (the family center) close to our house. Bernhard Fibich is a children's singer here in Austria. He reminded me of Raffi. He was fun and silly and involved the kids in every single aspect of the concert. He had them up on their feet dancing and clapping. They jumped up and down and moved all over the audience. They were allowed to go up on stage and help him sing different songs. It was really cool.

Alexa was a little nervous at first, which completely surprised me. She absolutely loves music and dancing, which is why I thought to bring her to the concert in the first place. The first twenty minutes she clung to me and whined. At one point she started crying and  I thought we were going to have to leave. The next thing I know, she climbs off my lap and is spinning in circles and sitting with the other kids in the audience!

Her audience fright behind her, she ran up to all the kids and was saying hello to EVERYONE. She started dancing and clapping and my music lover was back! She was even brave enough to go up on stage!

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