Thursday, March 6, 2014

The Coloring Wall

For Alexa's first birthday party with her friends, I put up a coloring wall in our hallway. I had purchased an activity tablecloth in the party section of a store in the US, but didn't end up having a table to cover it with. It was such a quick and easy thing to do so that the kids could have a little bit of freedom and fun at the same time.

We used tape to attach the top and bottom sections of the tablecloth to an empty wall in the hallway. I used a plastic container to hold about 10 crayons and left them there for the kids to play with. It was a hit! Even the older kids had fun doing the mazes and tracing the dot-to-dot pictures on the tablecloth. I think this will be a must have at parties in the future. 

I left it up for a few days after the party and Alexa did well grabbing some crayons from the container and coloring on the coloring wall. Once she started taking crayons into other rooms and coloring on my oven and balcony door I took the coloring wall down.

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