Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Spring has Sprung

We had such beautiful weather this weekend. It was nearly 60F and we took advantage of the sunshine! Saturday was Welt Frauen Tag, or International Women's Day. We spent the day in Neuhofen an der Krems with Michael's mom, sisters and the neighbors. The guys hung outside and washed the car while us gals chatted over coffee and cakes (oh yes, I said cakeS!). My mother in law made her delicious chocolate cake (which I sadly did not eat) and a yummy peach cheese cake. Alexa had a blast running all around the house and getting into everything!

Sunday was even warmer than Saturday and we were so lazy! We spent the morning relaxing and watching cartoons. (Rather, I watched cartoons while Michael slept and Alexa spread her toys all over the apartment.) When we finally got up and moving, Michael worked on cleaning up our balcony garden. He even planted our tomato seedlings into yogurt cups with dirt. We have had them in a bowl with wet cotton balls for the last few weeks. We also started some basil seedlings in wet cotton.

Alexa and I went out for a walk with her tricycle and she had me laughing hysterically the entire time. She was riding around with one hand on the handle bars and the other hand waving Miss America style to everyone we passed. She greeted them with an exuberant "HI!" and a very lovely pageant queen wave as she rode on by. It was as much a sensory walk for her as it was for me.

She took her bike for a walk by pushing it all around at the park. I even let her "walk" home on her own.

I pushed the bike and she walked (read: ran) back and forth on the sidewalk. She would get easily distracted by pebbles, people, bike riders, roller bladers, dogs, grass...it was a fun walk! She even found her shadow.
That was pretty cool. She leaned down and tried to grab her shadown and then started running after it.

It was amazing to see the world through her eyes for just a short amount of time. Everything is so new and exciting! Pebbles can occupy her curiosity for minutes, while for me they are just an inconvenience; always getting stuck in the bottom of my shoes or in the wheels of the stroller. A shadow is a new friend! A bike, roller blades or a skateboard spike new interest. Watching her take in the world around her is truly amazing.

How did you spend your weekend?


  1. OMG! That bike is sooo perfect...and the picture checking out her own shadow is just too funny! Wanna see that live :D



    1. Thanks! She loves going for bike rides on it. It's just too cute to watch her steer the bike around.