Monday, July 21, 2014

Technical Difficulties

Hi guys,

Sorry I haven't really been around very much lately. On top of just being busy with A doing fun summer weather activities a.k.a being outside all day and all night, I have been having a lot of spamming issues with the blog. I'm trying to tackle the problem today and so far, all of the spam comments have been deleted, but I don't know where they are coming from. I'm talking about nearly 100 spam comments randomly being left all over my blog. This is not cool. Hopefully, deleting them will be enough for now until I can come up with some kind of spam filter. Until then, I might have to set up some kind of sign in in order for people to leave comments. Anyone else have any problems with spam?


**Update** I've updated the comment section to allow comments only from Registered Users. Hopefully, this will solve the spam problem without causing too much difficulty for anyone wanting to leave a comment.


  1. Every blog I have ever left a comment on has required email and name, and, normally, the blogger needs to approve comments before they post. Can you use those settings? - Brandi

    1. I'm hoping that by changing the settings, this will help. I think that is what I have changed the settings to now, I'll have to test it to be sure.