Friday, July 25, 2014

Alexa's First Haircut

Alexa's hair was growing in this really weird, crooked Friar Lawrence kind of mullet since basically day one. I thought that once all of the baby hair fell out that it would start growing in a little more evenly. Well, some of the baby hair did fall out, but not all of it. She was left with a few really long hairs in the back left hand-side of her head, a really (really) long few hairs on top and some crazy hair sticking out on the left side above her ear. The right side is just a little longer than fuzz. She was starting to look like Einstein pretty consistently, so I thought it might be time to trim up the nutty mullet and go for a one length bob.

Prepping for the haircut! Do you see how it's only long on the left side??

The first cut!

We were up in Neuhofen at my in-laws for Sunday dinner on the 13th and I asked my mother in law if she would help me trim Alexa's hair. It was a project and a half because my child is a complete wiggle worm and was so noisy as to what we were doing that she kept turning her head left and right trying to see what my mother in law was doing to her hair. In the end, it took us three adults and about 15 minutes to make exactly three cuts. Her hair looks super cute! It already looks longer and fuller to me!


She was pretty wiggly after we were done. I couldn't get her to sit still so I could take a picture. This was the best shot, but you can see the mullet is gone.

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