Sunday, April 13, 2014

Money in the Bank

I've been trying to come up with some interesting activities that engage Alexa and encourage her to develop her fine motor skills. One very simple activity that we have come up with is putting money in her piggy (actually a lion) bank. **This activity MUST be fully supervised by an adult.**

Whenever I have extra change, I allow Alexa to put the small coins into her lion bank. This is an EXCELLENT activity for developing fine motor skills, patience and concentration. The slit in the back of her lion bank is small and narrow. She must focus not only on getting the coin into the little slot, but also on having the coin in the correct position. After showing her once or twice, she was able to pick up a coin and get it into the slot on her own. I always hold her in my lap during this activity. I hold the lion bank in one hand and the coins in the other hand. She has figured out that putting in one coin at a time is the only way to get the money into the bank. I even let her give it a little shake once she has dropped all the coins in.

This has become a really fun activity for her. We generally do it on the weekend, that way she can see what change her Papa has in his wallet too!

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